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Happy Winter Holidays and Merry Christmas

We just put the Christmas tree up, which is the start of a month's long journey into the 2020 -2021 holiday period. No sooner did I sit down to write this blog did our first holiday card arrive from a nephew, and a delivery man was at the door with a huge beautiful poinsettia sent from my husband's siblings. Our ornaments are a trip back in time to past holidays. They are cherished ornaments that our family has made, gifts from family and friends, or we bought to remember a special event. I was so happy as I watched my 22 year old daughter take the initiative to hang these ornaments. I secretly worried that my kids now young adults had become indifferent to participating by our holiday traditions. They have college and work responsibilities but clearly are appreciating a festive home environment to celebrate the joy of family and friends. Yes, it is still worth the effort.

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