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Pricing and Print Sizes
Original Works of Art

My original works of art are each priced individually, with the prices generally listed with the photos if the original work is available.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are quality reproductions printed from high resolution photographs of my original artwork.  The images used in reproduction are in fact of much higher quality than the images I can show here in the on-line galleries (which are reduced in resolution and compressed so the webpages don't take forever to load). The canvas prints are handmade and manufactured in-house by my supplier. The wood for the frames is sourced from eco-friendly pine forests to ensure sustainability. The prints are printed on choice, poly-cotton canvas which produces a sharp image that will continue to look vibrant for years to come. The state-of-the-art printer uses latex inks with UV protection which do not fade, bleed, or degenerate into dull tones. The higher grade canvas framing has a solid backing to ensure it will never sag and will last a lifetime.  Canvas Print Lite uses the same high quality canvas and inks, but the framing is thinner and without the backing board.  The prices of prints are determined by my cost of printing at the pricing available to me, and I pass whatever savings I can on to you the customer.

Printing costs for common canvas sizes are substantially discounted and those are the sizes I promote; less common sizes may also be available upon request, but unfortunately tend to be more expensive.  The print sizes I recommend also take into account the aspect ratio of the original artwork to offer appropriate print sizes.

Price List - Gallery Wrap Canvas Print (0.75" thick)  

Because the cost of printing is continually changing, it is better for me to provide in one place a list of my prices by print size.

The following is my price list for any of my works of art printed as a Gallery Wrap Canvas Print (0.75" thick)  (all dimensions in inches, prices in USD; subject to change):

Aspect Ratio 1:1 (square)
8 x  8 (inch)    $18.14
12 x 12           $32.23
16 x 16           $48.38
18 x 18           $53.48
20 x 20           $64.81
30 x 30           $99.38


Aspect Ration 2:3  (1.5)

8 x 12 (inch)    $29.68
12 x 18           $36.48
16 x 24           $47.53
20 x 30           $79.32
24 x 36           $67.08

Aspect Ratio 3:4  (1.33)
9 x 12 (inch)   $68.21
12 x 16           $44.98
18 x 24           $49.23
30 x 40          $106.18

Aspect Ratio 1:1.27
11 x 14 (inch)    $33.08
22 x 28          $147.76

Aspect Ratio 4:5 (1.25)
8 x 10 (inch)     $27.98
16 x 20           $42.43
24 x 30           $82.13

Aspect Ratio 5:6 (1.2)
20 x 24 (inch)    $58.58

Note:  Listed print dimensions are nominal.  Actual prints may vary from the listed sizes by approximately a quarter of an inch (smaller).  This is partly due to the printer working with metric units instead of English units (inches).  I strive for color accuracy in all my prints (this requires care in the photography and any required post processing).  Be aware however that printed colors may not exactly match what you see on your computer or other digital device because of calibration differences.

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